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Meeting point with the family will be under the winded Lion column of St. Mark’s Square.
We can visit together St. Mark’s Basilica with its dazzling mosaics or the “secret itineraries” in the Doge’s Palace with its “Leds” and “Wells” the famous jails, the prison of Giacomo Casanova and the torture room.
Then we’ll go explore venetian alleys and channels and discover the secrets of this magnificent city, unique in the world.
Kids won’t just have a good time, but they’ll learn a lot about Venice, about its daily life, its boats, the fantastic history of Marco Polo, and much more.
We’ll also visit an atelier where they make the traditional masks of Carnival. If you want, I can organize for the children some courses during which the boys and girls can paint their own mask (for further information see: www.cadelsolmaschere.com).
Very fascinating for boys and girls could even be the visit of the Naval Museum, or of a “squero”, a gondola factury, where artisans still build gondolas as in ancient times.
Children, who love nature and animals, cannot miss the Museum of Natural history at Ca’ Pesaro where they ’ll admire the skeleton of a gigantic dinosaur.

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