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Visitors to Venice for the first time, can not but start from St. Mark's Square: the heart of the Serenissima.

Visitors who have already been to Venice, and already know St. Mark's Square, can venture out to explore the "neighborhoods" of the city. They will discover its treasures in churches, museums and palaces, unknown to most tourists. This is also an excellent opportunity to understand the many aspects of daily life that will make them love this city even more.

A visit to several islands of the lagoon by boat is also an unforgettable experience. Many of these are environmental, naturalistic excursions, but they are also historic, as these islands played an essential role in developing the civilization of Venice.

In addition, specially designed tours can be arranged on an individual basis.

Theme Tours are also available such as "Profane Venice", "Sacred Venice", "The Plague in Venice", "Industry and Crafts," the “Venetian "Blinds", "Venetian Cuisine" and “Industrial Archaeology in Venice ".

Venice houses the film festival and various of the most known movies such as Indiana Jones, Casino Royal, The merchant of Venice, The tourist, Italian job, Casanova have been shot here. As a tour guide, I offer the possibility to discover the main sets of this movies. For the ones who follow the crime serie with Brunetti, it's interesting visiting the several places where its scenes took place.

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